Compass has developed an industry-standard, fully encapsulated (RTV4130-J), strongback-based triple power supply that supplies +5V, +13.5V, and -13.5V power from -55 to 175°C.


  • Encapsulated for shock and vibration isolation from damage downhole
  • Compatible with Q-bus-based systems
  • On board circuitry for proper switching from Battery 1 to Battery 2
  • Provides +5V power down to 6V input from the battery
  • Provides full current and voltage capability for downhole orientation and processors modules
  •  Efficient switch mode architecture

Connector Pin-OutCompass TPS Triple Power Supply

  1. Ground return
  2. On/off control ± 13.5V DC
  3. Battery A/B selection
  4. Switched ± 13.5V DC out
  5. 5V out
  6. Voltage Analog
  7. Buffer
  8. Battery bus
  9. NC
  10. Switched -13.5V DC out
  11. NC
  12. Buffer
  13. Battery A input
  14. Battery B input
  15. Battery common return
Input Voltage 18-31V DC dual battery pack
Outputs +5V DC @ .150A
±13.5V DC @ .150A (Switched)
Efficiency >75%
Ripple <20mV RMS
Noise <100mV Pk/pk
Over-current Shutdown 130% of rated load
Board Length 10 in.
Width 1.1 in.
Power Supply Height .46 in. (highest component to bottom of PCB)
Connector 15 pin MDM to mate with on board MDM-15SCBRP
Shock 1,000 G .5 ms half sine all axes
Vibration 5-30 Hz, 1 in. double amplitude
30-1,000 Hz, 20 G all axes
Operating Temp -55 to 175°C