Directional Module

Compass Tensor MWD Directional Module is modular assemblies used in downhole drilling applications where minimal power supply is available while providing accurate and stable survey measurements. The assembly contains a Single Port MPU, Triple Power Supply, and a Digital Orientation Module. The Single Port MPU is a modular micro-controller assembly based on the Motorola MC68HC11 microprocessor implementing GE Power Systems’ qMIX™ communications protocol (qMIX/11™). The Triple Power Supply provides regulated power for the complete assembly, operating off of DC power source Lithium Battery packs.

Compass utilizes sensor technology to provide a digitized output directional measurement solution. Designed for the demands of the oil and gas drilling environments, the Digital orientation Module consists of a three-axis magnetometer, three single-axis accelerometers, and associated electronics which are mounted on a rigid one-piece chassis. Calibration data is provided with each unit. Configurations are available with a downhole Recorder board and maximum operating temperatures to 150°C (Low Temp) or 175°C (High Temp). The sensor is designed to allow direct connection to a microprocessor based data acquisition system via dedicated serial interface connections.

They consume minimal power, meeting the downhole environment requirements.


directional module

Inclination ±0.10 degrees, 3 sigma
Azimuth ±0.25 degrees, 3 sigma
Toolface Accuracy ±1.0 degree
Max Temperature -175°C (350°F)
(150°C by request)
Max Hydrostatic Pressure 20,000 PSI (137.9 MPa)
Operating Voltage 18-32 V
Nominal Current 12 mA
Shock 1,000 g / 0.5 ms
Vibration 25g RMS 30-500 Hz Random

20g all axes