Resistivity Logging

Resistivity measurement is a valuable tool for geosteering, casing point selection, trend analysis and pore pressure. For more information on resistivity technology, we recommend watching the video presentation from our first Resistivity Lunch & Learn held in Houston in 2012.

Compass is in the process of developing and testing its own laterolog resistivity tool, which is slated for release around Q3 of 2013. Designated as the LL5 (due to the use of six isolating gaps to create five isolated electrode sections), its target is the low cost/high volume market, comprised of slim holes and salty water-based muds. This tool will not operate in oil-based muds. It will offer two depths of investigation and the resistivity measurement will exhibit the same vertical resolution regardless of the depth of investigation. The inner probe is fully retrievable and the tool combines with the Compass MWD system. This includes a mud-operated pulser, batteries, and direction and inclination. Available collar sizes will be 3-3/4″, 4-3/4″, and 6-1/2″.

For more information on different resistivity tools and further amplification of the Compass LL5 tool, please watch the video presentation from our second Resistivity Lunch & Learn that was also held in Houston and Calgary, Alberta in 2012.