Rig Floor Computer


Combining the latest in signal processing, noise cancellation, adaptive and digital communication technologies. Compass’ receiver systems provide you with the most advanced and cost effective solutions for numerous difficult MWD applications, including deep drilling, high ROP drilling, and other applications such as logging-while-drilling capability.

Compatible with popular MWD tools and transducers.

Rig Floor Display

Rig Floor Display is designed with one goal in mind: to provide the driller with real-time drilling information that is easy to view in order to know exactly what is happening down hole.

The driller and directional driller on the rig floor are the primary users of the system, so if recommendations are passed, they must be in terms of actions that can be made with the rig controls to improve performance.


To achieve the best possible drilling performance results with the system, a key requirement is the ability to combine real-time data to generate answers and drive recommendations at the rig floor by the use of Rig Floor Display.

Rig Floor Display depends on the clarity and visual appeal of the screens, with the ability to rapidly customize them to suit local environments. Regardless of the weather conditions the data can easily be seen.

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Compass over-molded MWD cable assemblies are designed for the rough drilling environments. Our cables are proven to reduce cable noise and prevent data loss.  Customizable to lengths up to 300 feet, if needed.

EM Cables & Accessories

The EM systems are used in the MWD applications because of their low service requirements (no moving parts), speed of data transmission, and independence from drilling fluids on the transmission of data. Below are key components available from Compass:

  • Surface Wiring
  • Antennas
  • Ground Rods
  • Gap Subs

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