The Vibration Dampener is designed to reduce the shock and vibration impacted upon expensive MWD strings, while allowing the MWD tools to function inside the evolved drilling program.

As a shock and vibration dampener, it reduces the impact of destructive energy on the MWD tool. Axial shock and vibration are reduced by a factor of 7 to 10 (~65% downhole), and lateral shock and vibration are reduced by a factor of 5 to 7 (~50% downhole).

This is the new standard in MWD tool protection. Please download the datasheet for more information, including surface and downhole test data!201704 - Vibration Dampener Assembly


  • Lubricated anti-rotational and compression chambers isolated from sands/solids with sealing features
  • Infusion hardening, instead of coating or plating, to provide extended life cycles and smooth dampening action
  • Complete service in less than one hour
  • Proven results from the harshest environments
  • Protects the entire MWD string: pulser, gamma, directional module, and batteries
  • Double-acting dampening on compression and extension