MWD Kits

Our field-ready mud pulse MWD kits are complete, modular systems. They are designed and packaged for easy assembly, use, and transport, while providing all of the critical features and options you would expect at a very cost-effective price. All MWD kits can be customized to fit your requirements.


MWD Kits Include:

  • Downhole Components (Directional Modules, Pulsers, Batteries, Interconnects, UBHO Subs, Muleshoe Assemblies)
  • Surface Gear (Computers, Displays, Cables, Tool Stands)
  • Fishing/Handling Tools
  • Consumables
  • Hand Tools
  • Testing Equipment
  • Transducer Assembly
  • Batter Back-Up
  • Computers w/ Software & Accessories (Printers, Cables, Paper)

MWD Kit Features:

  • Retrievable design can be reinserted without tripping
  • Critical hardware redundancy
  • Adaptable tool configuration and programming flexibility
  • Selection of operating mode without tripping
  • Easy-to-see Rig Floor Monitor with variable screen display and Safe Area Interface
  • Long downhole life, low maintenance
  • Easy-to-use, Windows® based software/firmware communication system
  • Long battery life, low power consumption
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