Gamma Logging

Gamma ray logging is a method of measuring naturally occurring gamma rays to characterize the rock or sediment in a borehole or drill hole.

Compass gamma ray tools provide wide range measurements from basic correlation to real-time borehole imaging, geo-steering, and evaluation of reservoir organic content and clay volume.

Gamma ray logs are helpful for quantifying shaliness, pick casing and coring point by determining formation tops, well-to-well correlation, depth correlation between open and cased-hole logs, and for correlation between logging runs.

Compass offers these advanced Gamma Logging tools:

HUNTERGamma Module

3-axis Vibration sensor which optimize drilling by logging vibration data

HUNTERSlim-Hole Gamma Module

Great for re-entry wells where small production strings are used

Compass Azimuthal Gamma

Measures gamma rays from 4 quadrants

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