Strong and agile… the AJAX Slim Hole MWD is fully retrievable and delivers Directional, Gamma & Tool Temperature sensors

AJAX Slimhole MWD

Ajax SlimHole MWD has the ability to run in very high dogleg wells, DLS up to 109°/100 ft, so it is capable of providing very accurate tool face direction. The magnetic to gravity tool face crossover is programmable providing flexibility for drilling teams to choose crossover given specific well directional planning. It is ideal for re-entry wells where small production strings are used.

Ajax SlimHole MWD has UBHO sub and probe-based tool configuration – available in 2 7/8”, 3 1/2”, 4 ¾” Collar sizes.  Can run as directional only or directional + gamma ray MWD service in slim holes. It is recommended for short radius wells and eliminates pull out of hole trip due to MWD as it is fully retrievable, saving a lot of precious rig time and customer revenue.

Ajax SlimHole MWD has high memory capacity up to 600 hours for recorded gamma ray, depending on gamma ray sampling rate (programmable). It is engineered to provide high quality gamma ray data in real time which enables geological and drilling teams to make quick decisions while drilling. It is ideal for deep and longer runs due to its long battery and high memory capacity.

Directional Only Length: 19.7 ft; Weight: 78 lb
Directional + Gamma Length: 23.1 ft; Weight: 83 lb
Tool O.D. 1-3/8"
Available Sensors Directional, Gamma Ray, Tool Temperature
Tool Configuration UBHO Sub (muleshoe) and probe
Tool O.D. (Available) 2-7/8", 3-1/2", 4-3/4"
Max Dogleg Severity 109° / 100 ft
Max Operating Temperature 175° C (347° F)
Max Hydrostatic Pressure 25,000 psi
Flow Rate 75 - 150 gpm (2-1/5” Collar I.D.)
Telemetry Type Positive mud pulse
Survey Transmission Time 90 seconds
Tool Face Update Rate 17 seconds average
Gravity Tool Face +/- 0.05° to +/- 3.0°, Programmable
Pointing Accuracy 0.15° = 2 ft per 1,000 ft displacement
Magnetic Tool Face +/- 0.05° to +/- 3.0°, Programmable
Azimuth +/- 0.1° (inclination > 5°)
Inclination +/- 0.1°
Crossover to High Side Tool Face Programmable to any value desired (5° is typical)
Repeatability Inclination +/- 0.05°; Azimuth +/- 0.05°
Readout Resolution Inclination 0.1°; Azimuth 0.1°; Tool Face 1°
Gamma Sample Rate One per 1.8 seconds measured 20 per minute in downhole memory. Programmable.
Gamma Memory Capacity 120 - 600 hours as function of program

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AJAX Slimhole MWD

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