PREDATOR Resistivity Tool

Evaluate your well’s most productive zones with Compass PREDATOR Resistivity LWD Tool

PREDATOR is a probe-based, fully retrievable resistivity tool. It is recommended in salty water-based muds and when mud resistivity is less than formation resistivity. It is a replacement of wireline laterolog and not affected by polarization, eccentricity and dielectric effects. Excellent performance due to vertical resolution of 21.5” for deep and shallow curves in resistive beds.

PREDATOR Resistivity Tool

PREDATOR integrates with a compass probe-based MWD platform. The MWD platform powers the Predator probe and pulses the high-quality resistivity data to the surface using mud pulse telemetry. It has one transmitter, 2 receivers and four guard electrodes, two guard electrodes on both sides of the measure electrode to focus the measure current into the formation. The purpose of guarding is to prevent measure current from flow up or down and allows current only flows into the formation to measure resistivity.

PREDATOR has less borehole and environmental effects, it is capable to alert for an approaching conductive bed boundary in the horizontal pay zone. It is an economical resistivity tool for resistive beds and formations.


Platform Compass Mud Pulse Platform
Collar Sizes 96 mm or 3 3/4"
121 mm or 4-3/4"
165 mm or 6-1/2"
Data Real time as well as memory
Log Curves 2 Resistivity curves with 2 depths of investigation and natural gamma ray. Option of Inclination & ROP.
Applications (Rm) is less than the formation resistivities (Rt) of interest. Works in vertical and horizontal wells. The tool is not azimuthal, but will alert the DD to an approaching conductive bed boundary when in a horizontal pay zone.
Probe O.D. 1-7/8" used in monels and resistivity collar from 3-3/4" - 4-3/4". Fully retrievable sensor package.
Tool Power Source High-performance lithium batteries
Max Temperature 150º C (302º F)
Depth of Investigation @ 10 Ohm-m Shallow 14"; Deep 37"
Vertical (Axial) Resolution 21.5"
Preferred Mud Salty WBM (Rm < Rt)
Borehole Effects Small (< 10%)
Eccentricity Effects None
Dielectric Effects None

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