Payzone Tracker measures MULTIPLE data points not just one: Gamma and Inclination

Payzone Tracker At-Bit Sensing System is an industry-leading tool for inclination and azimuthal gamma ray measurements at-bit. It can determine position and orientation of bed boundaries from at-bit gamma images and enhanced directional control due to its at-bit inclination and geo-steering application. Optimize horizontal, extended-reach and directional drilling operations.

Payzone Tracker At-Bit Sensing System helps in placing wells accurately and maximizes reservoir contact with a clear view of the surrounding geology and inclination at-bit while in rotating or sliding mode. It features four scintillation detectors spaced 90° apart that allow for gamma-ray imaging at-bit while rotating or sliding, target zone can be precisely identified based on the superior gamma-ray image being located as little as 1.3 ft from the bit.

Payzone Tracker At-Bit Sensing System real-time data transmission helps reduce directional drilling risk in critical hole situations. With every foot drilled out of zone, there is potential for significant loss in production revenue. Many imaging tools are located 30 to 45 ft behind the bit, creating a delay in response time and increasing the chance of drilling out of zone. By retrieving imaging data directly behind the bit, the directional drilling and geological teams can make real-time decisions with geo-steering adjusted immediately to stay within the target zone.

Tool Size 4.75” 6.75”
Length 35" 35"
Nominal OD/MAX OD/Max ID 5”/5.25”/1.313” 6.75”/7”/2.375”
Connection PIN Up 3-1/2 REG (IF option) 4-1/2 REG (IF option)
Connection Box Down 3-1/2 REG 4-1/2 REG
Yield Strength 15,140 lbf-ft 29,900 lbf-ft
Make-up Torque 12,000 lbf-ft 24,000 lbf-ft
Max DLS Rotating, Sliding 15˚/100ft, 30˚/100ft 8˚/100ft, 16˚/100ft
Max Downhole Drilling Torque 12,000 lbf-ft 24,000 lbf-ft
Max RPM (Downhole) 300 RPM 300 RPM
Max Flow Rate 340 gpm 750 gpm
Max Operating Pressure 20,000 psi 20,000 psi
Max Operating Temperature 150˚C (175˚C option) 150˚C (175˚C option)
Max Operating WOB 25,000 lbs 50,000 lbs
Max Sand Content 1% 1%
Collar Gap Length 35" 35"
Collar Gap Max OD 4.75" 6.75"
Collar Gap Connection 3-1/2 IF 4/1/2 IF
Collar Gap Yield Strength 18,000 lbf-ft 34,000 lbf-ft
Collar Gap Make Up Torque 12,000 lbf-ft 24,000 lbf-ft
Receiver Electronics Housing OD 1.875" 1.875"

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