AJAX Slimhole Directional Module

Provides real time highly accurate inclination, azimuth and tool face measurements to place the well in the target zone

AJAX Slimhole MWD

AJAX Slimhole Directional Module is the best MWD directional tool for slim hole applications enabling operators to make critical sidetracks with greater confidence.

 AJAX Slimhole Directional Module surveys precisely without any interruption due to a micro-processor based data acquisition system. Easy to carry and mobilize Apollo Slim has a rigid one-piece chassis with 3 magnetometers and 3 accelerometers to measure well geometry accurately.

Standard version is temperature rated for 150° C and 20,000 psi pressure ratings but HPHT rating tools (175° C, 25,000 psi) are available upon special request

Tool Type: EZ Link Length: 49.56" / 1.26 m Weight: 14 lb / 6.35 kg
Inclination ± 0.10 degrees, 3 sigma
Azimuth ± 0.10 degrees (inclination > 5 degrees)
Tool Face Accuracy ± 0.05 to ± 3.0 degrees, Programmable
Max Temperature 175° C (350° F) (150° C by request)
Max Hydrostatic Pressure 25,000 psi (137.9 MPa)
Operating Voltage 18-32 V
Nominal Current 4 mA
Shock 1,000 g / 0.5 millisecond

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AJAX Slimhole Directional Module

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