Boundary Tracker

Deep reading resistivity for well placement and reservoir placement

Development of mature or marginal fields requires that each well be placed as accurately as possible in the most productive zone in order to maximize asset value.  The BoundaryTracker azimuthal deep resistivity service from Compass provides a solution for optimized wellbore placement, while maximizing production and extending field life.

BoundaryTracker combines a deep-reading geo-steering sensor with a traditional multi-frequency compensated resistivity sensor, delivering over 256 unique measurements for accurate wellbore placement and petrophysical analysis.

Deep penetration into the surrounding rock gives early warning of changing lithology and geologic structure. As bed dip changes occur along the course of a long horizontal section, the well trajectory can be proactively corrected to run parallel with bed boundaries at a fixed distance. When crossing faults that are too small to be detected by seismic surveys, measurements from ultra-deep depths of investigation can be used to delineate the different strata.


Tool Size 3.5" 4.75" 6.75"
Hole Size Range 4-1/4 to 5-1/2" 5-7/8 to 6-3/4" 8-3/8 to 10-5/8"
Nominal OD/MAX OD 3.5/3.75" 5/5.25" 6.75/7"
Length 168"*
Top/Bottom Conx Customer’s Choice
Make-up Torque
2,500 lbf-ft* 10,000 lbf-ft* 30,000 lbf-ft*
Max DLS Rotating
Max WOB 20,000 lbf* 50,000 lbf* 100,000 lbf*
Max Sand % <1%
Power External
Max Flow Rate 150 gpm 350 gpm 750 gpm

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Boundary Tracker

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