VASILIS Pressure While Drilling

Optimize Drilling Efficiency With a Comprehensive View Of Wellbore Hydraulics In Real Time Compass Pressure-While-Drilling (VASILIS PWD) tool, boosts drilling efficiency by providing crucial downhole pressure information that allows fast and accurate drilling decisions. The PWD sensor has high-accuracy quartz gauges, providing both real-time and recorded pressure measurements. The PWD sensor, as part of the drilling optimization service, provides accurate annular pressure, internal pressure, and ECD measurements, while maximizing asset value.

Pressure data can be transmitted in real time and recorded in downhole memory. In the pumps-off mode, the tool measures the minimum, maximum, and average pressures during non-circulating periods and transmits the results to the surface when circulation resumes. These measurements help to avoid lost circulation and detect flow or kicks immediately. The PWD sensor also reduces the risk of problems caused by unexpected fracture or collapse.

Annular pressure increases often indicate ineffective cutting removal and poor hole cleaning, both of which can lead to lost circulation. An increase in pressure detected by the PWD alerts the operator to modify drilling and drilling-fluid parameters or operating procedures to improve hole-cleaning efficiency. On extended-reach wells, real-time information helps to maintain wellbore pressures within safe operating limits and to monitor hole cleaning.


Pressure Range 0–20,000 psi
Resolution 3.3 psi
Accuracy 3%
Sample Rate 1 every 15 seconds
Sizes Available Any (including 3 1/2")
Max Temperature 175° C (350° F)

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VASILIS Pressure While Drilling

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