Get Real-Time Accurate Inclination, Azimuth & Tool Face Measurements

Accurate directional measurements place the well in the target zone. This light weight system is easily mobilized for action with a rigid one piece chassis, 3 magnetometers and 3 accelerometers to measure well geometry accurately.

Apollo delivers tool face, inclination, azimuth and directional surveys precisely without any interruption as its design allows direct connection to a microprocessor-based data acquisition system

Apollo calibration data is provided with each module which eliminates the chances of measurement errors

Tool Type Kintec & EZ-Link
Length 80" / 2.03 m
Weight 37 lb / 16.8 kg
Inclination ± 0.10 degrees, 3 sigma
Azimuth ± 0.25 degrees, 3 sigma
Tool Face Accuracy ± 1.0 degrees
Max Temperature 175° C (350° F) (150° C by request)
Max Hydrostatic Pressure 20,000 PSI (137.9 MPa)
Operating Voltage 18-32 V
Nominal Current 12 mA
Shock 1,000 g / 0.5 millisecond
Vibration 25g RMS 30-500 Hz random
20g all axis

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