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Place your well accurately in the most productive zone by At-Bit Azimuthal Wave Propagation Resistivity LWD Tool. Great LWD solution for geologists, petro-physicists, and drilling teams to make quick decisions while drilling.

At Bit

GeoTracker is one of the best resistivity tools in the industry, as it opened new horizons in the oil industry by providing compensated propagation resistivity and imaging near the bit. GeoTracker allows you to make geo-steering decisions confidently with real-time resistivity imagery near the bit for precise wellbore placement. It is a best choice for customers running in high temperature wells due to its ability to operate upto 175° C.

GeoTrackerprovides near-bit azimuthal resistivity and directional measurements to give early warning of approaching bed boundaries before the target zone is exited, allowing the well to be placed in the most productive part of the reservoir.

GeoTrackerprovides high-resolution, detailed images of structural and stratigraphic features allowing for accurate determination of dip and fracture orientation. Understanding dip from real-time images near the bit helps improve wellbore placement in the reservoir.


Tool Size 3.5" (88.90mm) 4.75" (120.65mm) 6.75" (171.45mm)
Length 35" (889mm)
Nominal OD/
- 5.0"/5.25"/1.313" 6.75"/7.0"/2.375"
Connection Pin Up 3-1/2 REG (IF Option) 4-1/2 REG (IF Option)
Connection Box Down 3-1/2 REG 4-1/2 REG
Yield Strength - 15,140 lbf-ft 29,900 lbf-ft
Make-Up Torque - 12,000 lbf-ft 24,000 lbf-ft
Max DLS 15˚/100ft
Max Downhole
Drilling Torque
- 12,000 lbf-ft 24,000 lbf-ft
Max RPM (Downhole) - 200 PRM -
Max Flow Rate - 340 gpm 750 gpm
Max Operating WOB - 25,000 lbs 50,000 lbs
Max Sand Content - <1% -
Max Number of Recuts - - 4


Collar Gap Length - 35” (889mm)
Collar Gap Max OD 4.75” 6.75”
Collar Gap Connection 3-1/2 IF 4-1/2 IF
Collar Gap Yield Strength 18,000 lbf-ft 34,000 lbf-ft
Collar Gap Make-Up Torque 12,000 lbf-ft 24,000 lbf-ft
Receiver Electronics
Housing OD
1.875” 1.875”


Inclination @ Bit
Range 0 – 180 degrees
Accuracy ±0.2 degrees (sliding)
Measurement Point to Bit 12”
Azimuthal Res. @ Bit
Resistivity Range 0.2 – 2,000 ohmm
Mud Res. Range
(for Optimum Measurement)
1 ohmm or higher
Azimuthal Resolution
(for Res. contrast 10:1 or higher
150 degrees
Max Depth of Investigation
(for Res. contrast 100:1 or higher)
30” (75cm)
Number of Sectors 16
Measure Point to Bit 14”


Battery Life Up to 150 Hours
RPM Max 210 for Minimum Fatigue
Formation/Mud Resistivity 2 – 200 ohmm for optimal short-hopping
Vibration Max 20 Grms, 50 – 100 Hz

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