This 1 3/8” probe-based gamma ray logging tool can be used in high-pressure high-temperature wells up to an operating range of 175° C temperature and 25,000 psi pressure; survivable to 200° C. Fulfill slim hole geological needs in highly deviated wells, DLS up to 109° C/100 ft which cannot be achieved through conventional gamma ray tools

Hunter-Slim is a legendary choice for High temperature wells due to its ability to survive up to 200° C. It provides high-quality Gamma Ray data in real-time and recorded mode enabling geological and drilling teams to make rapid decisions.

Hunter-Slim has a 3-axis vibration sensor which optimizes drilling by logging vibration data. Hunter has a scintillation detector for improved gamma ray data quality required for well placement and for pick casing and coring point by determining formation tops. It is a recommended Gamma Ray tool for slim holes.

Hunter Slim hole : has high memory capacity up to 600 hours for recorded gamma ray, which depends on gamma ray sampling rate which is programmable

Hunter Slim hole is best recommended gamma ray tool for re-entry wells where small production strings are used

Hunter Slim hole is engineered to provide high quality gamma ray data in real-time and recorded mode enabling geological and drilling teams to make quick decisions while drilling


Diameter 1.04" w/o housing; 1.375” w/ housing
Length (make up) 21" w/o housing; 37.56” w/ housing
Weight 1.7 lb w/o housing; 11 lb w/ housing
Operating Temperature -60° C to 175° C (-77° F to 350° F)
Material BeCu
Pressure 25,000 psi


Sensitivity 2.0 Counts per API w/o housing
1.7 Counts per API w/ housing
Accuracy............... +/- 10% to 175° C (350° F)
Resolution 6.8"


Survival Temperature 200° C (400° F)
Max Heat/Cool -15° C (5° F) / Minute
Vibration (3 axis)
50–300 Hz Random
30 g
30 g ............................................
Shock (Z-axis) 500 G, 0.5 mS
Shock (Y-axis) 1,000 G, 0.5 mS


Input Voltage 22–30 V
Input Current 14–18 mA
Max Voltage 31.5 V.......................


Pulse........... +5V to 0V, 2 (+/- 0.5)

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