MWD Roll / Calibration Stand

This custom-made precision appliance from Compass is a three-axis non-magnetic manual positioning table offered in roll and calibration configurations.

MWD Roll Stand

MWD Roll / Calibration Stand

Test and calibrate down-hole directional instruments or other MWD-related equipment like magnetometers, gyroscopes and accelerometers.

Cast aluminum frame structure to minimize temperature and humidity fluctuations 

Accurate range of motion: 

  • Azimuth: 0-359° 
  • Inclination: 0-180° 
  • Rotation: 0-359° at 45° increments 

Human controlled digital thermocouple controller that can be customized for the user 


  • 100% non-magnetic signature 
  • All brass assembly fasteners 
  • Accommodates up to a 72″ tool 
  • Azimuth level rotation accuracy is less than 3 arc minutes 
  • V-Block tool positioning ±.002″ alignment across entire table 
  • Locking disc brake system allowing for smooth inclination with coarse and fine adjustments 
  • Simple manual angular positioning with no electrical readout necessary 
MWD Calibration Stand
Oven available in the calibration configuration for testing over a large temperature range

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MWD Roll / Calibration Stand

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