Test Equipment and Training

Compass sells everything for your MWD, LWD and EM needs…and we also provide the test equipment and training needed to be successful

Gamma Calibration Block

Compass provides a gamma calibrator that is directly tied into the API test pits. In less than half an hour, one can obtain an API calibration for the probe. As the tools are run downhole repeatedly, pre-set calibrations from the factory become obsolete. The calibrator makes relying on these a thing of the past and instead places the accuracy of your tools in your hands.

Roll Stand Calibrator

Compass Roll/Calibration Stand

Compass roll/calibration stand is three-Axis, Non-Mag test stand for use in testing and calibrating MWD equipment. 


Oil Fill Station

Compass filling station systems are designed to separate and remove air, water, solvents, and particulate contaminants from hydraulic oil with minimal operator intervention.


Shop Testing Equipment

Fluid System Simulator

Pulser Test Unit

Break Out Unit

Remote Flow

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