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Every hero has a journey. At Compass Directional Guidance, Inc., we believe the heroes we serve – drillers, engineers, managers and executives – are on a journey that is worth supporting.

Since 1996, we have provided cost-effective Measurement While Drilling (MWD) and Logging While Drilling (LWD) solutions to directional drilling companies in both domestic and international markets.

Heroes also have navigators: Thor had his Odin, Arthur had his Merlin. These guides provide advice, tools and training to prepare the hero for the obstacles before them. Compass supports these enterprising heroes with everything they will need to overcome the challenges of an ever-changing industry.  MWD systems with legendary reliability are ready to be deployed on a callout basis anywhere in the world.

Drilling technology requires precision, and the ability to navigate with accuracy.  Our modular MWD systems are designed and packaged for easy field transportation and assembly. Our systems are fully retrievable in the event of any lost-in-hole (LIH) incident, reducing your financial risk. Go forward into the field with the most reliable MWD system in the business. And to sharpen the head of the spear we provide a vast array of LWD tools including Gamma Logging and Resistivity Logging, Near Bit Tools and PWD (Pressure While Drilling).

At Compass, our tools allow drillers to stay on the path to success. We are dedicated to your business’s goals and provide unparalleled customer support. Our cost-effective solutions will improve the versatility and economics of your drilling operations without unessentially expanding your tool inventory and punishing your management structure. You don’t need to journey alone. Work with Compass, and see how we can provide you with the guidance that makes the difference between an epic or tragic story…

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