Place your well accurately in the most productive zone with Near Bit Tools

Featuring PayZone Tracker At-Bit Sensing System and GeoTracker

Compass near bit tools provide industry-leading near-bit measurement (Inclination, Azimuthal Gamma, Azimuthal Resistivity). Compass offers the high-quality at-bit formation evaluation measurements needed to make quick decisions and to keep horizontal or high-angle wellbores in the pay, extending the length of the productive interval in the reservoir for maximum hydrocarbon recovery.

Compass Near Bit Tools help reduce directional drilling risk in critical hole situations. With every foot drilled out of zone, there is potential for significant loss in production revenue.

Many imaging tools are located 30 to 45 ft behind the bit, creating a delay in response time and increasing the chance of drilling out of zone. By retrieving imaging data directly behind the bit, directional drilling and geological teams can make real-time decisions so that geo-steering is adjusted immediately to stay within the target zone.

Advanced Near Bit Tools Available:

PayZone Tracker

One of the best tools in the industry for compensated propogation resistivity and imaging near bit

Geo Tracker

Four scintillation detectors for gamma ray imaging at-bit 

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