NEPTUNE – Multiple Frequency Propogation Wave Resistivity

Evaluate your well’s most productive zones with Neptune,a wireline quality propagation wave resistivity tool that uses high frequencies of 2 MHz and 400 KHz. This replacement of wireline array resistivity toolshas a symmetrical design and four transmitter-receiver spacings which make it capable of 16 individual resistivity measurements combined to produce 8 compensated resistivity measurements. Great for running in high temperature wells due to its ability to survive upto 200° C.

Neptune is recommended for geo steering and can be used in all well types and muds. Neptuneprovides high quality resistivity data in real time and records high resolution resistivity data which can be retrieved from tool memory; it has memory storage capacity upto 17 days. It has a symmetrical design with centrally located receivers which eliminate invasion effects due to measurement delays.

Neptuneprovides corrected resistivity data after correction to surface software. It includes correction of temperature, tool size, hole size, mud resistivity, anisotropic effect. Vertical resolution enhancement (VRE) processing corrects for shoulder-bed and dipping-bed effects, providing curves with enhanced vertical resolution.


Tool Size 3.5" (88.90mm) 4.75"(120.65mm) 6.75"(171.45mm) 8" (203.2mm)
OD/ID 5.0"/2.8125" or 6.75"/3.75" or 8.25"/4"
Length 12.47ft (3.8m)
Weight 326 lbs (148 kg) 1157 lbs (525 kg) 1380 lbs (625 kg) 1830 lbs (830 kg)
RMS P 3 1/2" IF 4 1/2" IF 6 5/8” Reg
Make-Up Torque Rotating
Max Operating Press 20,000 psi
Max Operating/
Survival Temp.
175˚C / 200˚C
Power Mud Turbine 34V or 2 x DD Battery packs
Memory 400 Hours
Max Flow Rate 150 gpm 480 gpm 700 gpm 900 gpm
Shock 1000G 0.5ms Half Sine
Vibration 20G RMS 30-300Hz Random, 30G 50-500Hz Sine Continuous 20G RMS 30-300Hz Random, 30G 50-500Hz Sine Continuous 20G RMS 30-300Hz Random, 30G 50-500Hz Sine Continuous 20G RMS 30-300Hz Random, 30G 50-500Hz Sine Continuous


Frequency 2.0 MHz and 400 kHz
Range 0.2 – 2,000 ohm-m
Accuracy +/- 2% to 50 ohm-m
+/- 10% to 200 ohm-m
Repeatability 1% measurement / 0.05 Degrees phase (2 ohm)
Vertical Resolution 8” Typical (Varies with the value of Rt)
Depth of Investigation @ 10 Ohm-m Phase 26" Near Measurement & 37" Far Measurement
AR 36" Near Measurement & 49" Far Measurement
Phase 40" Near Measurement & 53" Far Measurement
AR 60" Near Measurement & 76" Far Measurement
Interface RS485, QBUS or 0-5V Logic

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